About Strange Science Instruments

Strange Science Instruments is two brothers (a product designer in Sweden and an electrical engineer in California) working together to build interesting things for musicians.

We get a huge kick out of making electronic instruments for forward-looking musicians. We want to make things that are inspiring, musically useful and fun. We hope our products will let artists explore new sonic frontiers andhopefullyto push music forward.

We also do this because it is tremendously fun!


Our Design Philosophy:

  1. Inspiring - We believe the best musical instruments—the ones that withstand the test of time—inspire the ears, the eyes and the hands. That's why we pay close attention to the sonic, visual and tactile elements of our products and try to make them as inspiring as possible.
  2. Musically useful - We've seen a lot of trendy and gimmicky products come and go. We're not into this. We prefer to craft useful things that solve problems and serve a clear purpose. Our hope is that our hardware will remain in use for many years and won't end up unused on a shelf.
  3. Fun - Let's face it, music-making is extremely fun.  Especially when you have fantastic instruments at hand. We try to design distraction-free products help you stay in that super-enjoyable "flow" state.

Made in the USA and Sweden

We build products in small batches in the USA and Sweden. PCB assembly currently takes place at a state-of-the-art facility in California and we try to source as many components as possible (including all critical pieces like front panels and PCBs) from US or Swedish suppliers. Our plan is to set up our very own production line in Sweden so we can own our entire manufacturing process.  Final assembly and testing are always done in-house. It's not the cheapest way to go, but we love working this way.