M-4:  Advanced Stereo Mixer


You have 2 ears.  You hear in stereo.  You mix music in stereo.  So why do most modular setups output all that glorious sound in mono?  Our first product, the M-4: Advanced Stereo Mixer brings glorious stereo sound to your modular synth! Just plug in your oscillators, filters, and other sources and control everything using the onboard knobs or with any CV/audio source.  Enjoy the newfound space and motion!

No compromise Stereo Mixer.

At its core, M-4 is a no-compromise pure analog mixer.  It is built from the finest components on the market and provides ridiculously low-noise and high performance.

But this product is not just about great technical specifications...  M-4 packs in many useful features that we think users will love. For example, unlike many other stereo mixers on the market, M-4 gives you CV control of volume and pan on all input channels.  Also, each channel has a Direct Output that lets you send your chosen channel off to other modules for additional processing.  The Direct Output jack is normalled, so connecting something to it "splits off" that channel and you no longer hear that channel at the master output. This effectively converts that channel into a high-grade VCA and opens many creative routing possibilities.

The volume and pan CV inputs support two ranges, +/- 5V and +/- 10V, which can be switched on a per-channel basis letting the mixer accommodate all types of control inputs, for example LFOs or ADSR envelopes.  What’s more, in addition to standard LFO/ADSR inputs, these CV inputs also accept audio rate signals. This means you can modulate the volume and pan position of incoming signal with other audio signals. This opens up interesting possibilities for modulation/distortion effects!

The "Response" switch is another unique feature not found on other mixers.  It lets you set the response characteristics of the CV inputs for each channel.  “Linear” will modulate the gain of the channel in a linear fashion - suitable for modulating audio signals with LFOs or ADSRs.  In “dB” mode, the channel's gain has a constant dB/V response, which is great for detailed volume control.

The Pass-Thru inputs route a stereo pair of inputs straight to the Master Output knob.  This practical feature lets you daisy-chain multiple mixers together or easily play along with any line-level stereo source (synths, drum machines, iPhone/iPad apps, your computer, etc.)

Finally, the large Master Out knob sets the output level of the mixer.  M-4's low noise circuitry means you'll have silent operation even if you have cranked up the Channel Volume and Master Output knobs.

We have gone all out and created the absolute best mixer we can build.  We hope you'll use it to create the absolute best music and sounds that you can imagine!

Key Features:

  • 4-input, stereo output mixer module

  • Ultra-low noise circuitry

  • CV control of Volume and Pan on each input channel

  • "Response" switch sets CV input response curve to Linear or dB

  • Direct Output lets you send channels off to other modules

  • 28HP wide, 62mm deep (rail-to-back)

  • Channel cards secured with screws. Will not vibrate or shake loose.

  • CNC machined with infilled aluminum front panel (no silk-screen)

  • Made in the USA




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